Cat Tattle

Hometown: Cronulla

Help us kick cancers butt, starting tomorrow!

We’re Team Tav and we’ll be catching a wave every day during the month of Feb to raise money for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. 100% of the money we raise will go toward funding cancer research, clinical trials, treatment and care for patients and their families. We’re doing this for our family and friends who are battling cancer or have been affected by it. We aim to raise $2000 and would be stoked if you could help us reach our goal! 

Gav, Matt, Dave and Cat

My Updates

End of Week 3

Sunday 21st Feb

End of Week 1

Saturday 6th Feb

Remembering Uncle Jack

Tuesday 2nd Feb

This week I’ll be surfing in memory of my uncle and godfather Jack who passed away from cancer on 5 February 2020. Jack completely changed the trajectory of my life and without him I wouldn’t be living here, surfing these beautiful beaches with my husband Dave and our mates. I think about uncle Jack a lot – the man who set me up for a life I so thoroughly appreciate and enjoy.

I was born in the Philippines and my family immigrated here in 1990 in search of better opportunities. Our journey to Australia was only made possible by the support of Jack and my aunty Lina who sponsored our migration, paid for our plane tickets, provided a roof over our heads and financed loans until my parents could find their feet. For a time Jack and Lina were a complete support system for my parents and their three young kids.

According to Cancer Australia’s latest stats 145,483 Australians were diagnosed with cancer in 2020. These people aren’t just a number. Like Jack they each have a story, the right to a future, and people who love them. In times of crisis like a cancer diagnosis the need for wrap-around support is essential. Not just from health services but the community at large.

Thanks to organisations like Chris O’Brien Lifehouse medical research efforts toward a cure can continue, patients can receive much needed care, and carers can get the support they need. SurFebruary is a wonderful way for people to tell their stories, connect with their community through a shared love of the ocean and most importantly, promote the vital services that Chris O’Brien Lifehouse provides. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will help tremendously.

Thanks for supporting us on our journey

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dave Robson

wonderful person doing wonderful things


Michael Fattore

Great cause Catherine! Keep the bazza's up


Catherine Mitchell

well donme Cat!


Richard Trinder

A great cause to be supporting Catherine. The fact you get to surf is an awesome fringe benefit. Hardest decision was whether to sponsor you or Dave...


James Bennett

Well done Catherine. Keep up the good work!


Sarah Daines




A very worthy cause - thanks for caring!


Dave T




Well done Cat! Great cause and needs all the support we can give!


Daniel Sinozic

Such a great cause as so many of us have lost love ones to Cancer. Great work from the whole team and enjoy catching those waves!


Marian Agbinya


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You bloody rockstar!! ;)