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Do good, feel good…

Each day in February I’m getting on board for SurFebruary and raising funds for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Your donations support services and programs for people with cancer. They drive innovation in research, improve care, and provide equal access to all our services for everyone.

It only takes a minute and anything you can give (no matter how large or small) will go a long way to helping me reach my target. Thank you, I really appreciate your support.

See you in the water!

My Updates

Day 28 - Finishing At Secret Harbour

Sunday 28th Feb
Today I was a bit cold because my wetsuit was still wet from yesterday and I went in my wet bathers. Lucky I had a nice warm jumper for afterwards. The sand was hard. My brother pushed me onto waves today. The board we hired was a bit longer than my usual board at home and it was easy to stand up. We weren’t sure if there would be any place where we could get a board but there was a little van parked next to the surf club and we were able to pick any board we wanted. Dad got a video of me jumping on the board while surfing. That was so much fun. I can’t believe we have finished SurFebruary. I am so happy about people donating. It’s been nice reading all the messages. I am very grateful.

Day 27 - Trigg Beach WA

Saturday 27th Feb
Today was perfect. The waves were a perfect size for me. I borrowed Joshy's board which is longer than mine and it made it easier to stand up. I stood up heaps of times. The water was so clear. I saw a really big sting-ray. There were heaps of sting-rays in the water. Once I caught my wave for the day, I went on the boogie board which was so much fun too. We then dug a big hole at the water's edge and then went for another swim. I loved it today.

Day 26 - Elouera - Beautiful Morning

Friday 26th Feb
I am so excited to go to Perth today so when Dad woke me up to go surfing, I got up straight away even though it was dark and so early. I watched my brother. The sun was orange and I saw it come over the horizon as James was on his board. He was only supposed to catch one wave and then get out so we could get ready for the airport but he caught like a thousand waves and took forever. My wetsuit was already packed and I had my bathers on today and it was so cold. I didn’t want to get wet. Sad pushed me on to a big wave and I went up as soon as my board hit the sand. I can’t believe how many donations we have received. It is awesome. We raised nearly $2000 which is way more than I thought we would.

Day 25 - Elouera In Front Of The Wall

Thursday 25th Feb
I like afternoons better than mornings and I like going to South Cronulla better than Elouera, where we went today. I was so tired and didn't want to get out of the car, let alone go in the water. The waves were huuuge. The waves were at the water's edge and as soon as I jumped on my board, it was like taking off in a plane to rise over the wave. I caught two waves but didn't stand up. The water was like a washing machine. I have now done 25 days in a row. Three more days to go. We will surf tomorrow morning and then we are going to Perth to see our family and friends. We will surf in Perth on Saturday and Sunday to finish SurFebruary which will be cool.

Day 24 - Afternoon At South Cronulla

Wednesday 24th Feb
This morning was really cold and wet and Dad asked us if we would like to go surfing a bit later in the day. When I got home from school it was still rainy and I didn't really want to go but but it started getting a bit more sunny. The conditions were perfect, I paddled out the back to where my brother and his friends were. At first I wanted Dad to come out with me but I was catching my own waves and standing up and didn't need him there. We had to go home and get ready for dinner. I would have stayed in the water for longer if we didn't have to go. We have received so many donations to our team page today. It's so exciting that my brother and I have now nearly raised $2000 for cancer.

Day 23 - South Cronulla

Tuesday 23rd Feb
Today the water didn't look nice. I didn't want to get in but there's not long to go. My brother helped me get out and pushed me onto a wave. I enjoyed it so much that I asked him to take me out again. I had a nice message from one of my sponsors last night and this helps me to get on my board every day no matter what the weather is like.

Day 22 - Elouera - Summer Has Returned

Monday 22nd Feb
I was really tired this morning but this is the last week of SurFeb so there isn't long to go. Today I took James' long blue board out because it might be a bit easier than my pink board to stand up. I only wanted to catch one wave this morning and it was a bit of a sloppy wave so I didn't stand up. It was nice being down the beach on a sunny morning watching the sun come up.

Day 21 - Elouera - Sunny Afternoon

Sunday 21st Feb
Today we arrived at the beach in the afternoon because we went to Taronga Zoo in the morning. When we got there the conditions were great because it was so sunny. I went straight out on my board because I couldn't wait to get in the water. I caught a few waves and then saw one of my best friends from school called Sophia. She's very very nice. I took my board up and went swimming at the water's edge with Sophia and we organised a play-date for another weekend with her Mum. After Sophia left, I kept swimming for ages. We watched James take the fibreglass board out. I didn't want to get out of the water but we had to go home for dinner and arrived home at 6:30pm. Today was so much fun.

Day 20 - South Cronulla

Saturday 20th Feb
The surf was big yesterday afternoon and we heard from the locals that the surf was supposed to get bigger today so we headed straight to South Cronulla where the surf is always smaller. We had to be quick because of James' cricket and my gymnastics. When we got there, the water was glassy with the occasional big wave rolling through. For the first time in twenty days of surfing I decided I would be the first to go in the water. Usually my brother is first in the water. The water was smooth but with all the seaweed washing around, it was like surfing in a bowl of soup. I caught some waves and raced James back to shore but it was a bit hard to stand up this morning. I had lots of fun. There is now only 8 days of SurFebruary to go. I hope I get some more donations before the end of the week.

Day 19 - Arvo Session at Elouera

Friday 19th Feb
This picture is from this morning because we didn't take many photos this afternoon. We went surfing again at Elouera - for the second time today. There were lots of really big waves and I got a bit scared when I came off my board once out deep when Dad pushed me onto a wave. Dad told me to get back on my board before the next wave came and lucky I did, because I caught a really big wave all the way back to the sand. It was warm (the car said 30 degrees when we left home) which is much warmer than all the rainy mornings we have had this week. I can't believe I have now been surfing twenty times in a row. After surfing we went back to Max's place and played Just Dance on the TV with James, Max and Sebby, another  friend of Max's who came surfing.

Day 19 - The Wall

Friday 19th Feb

The days are definitely getting shorter now. I wake up at 6 and it still feels like the middle of the night. Yesterday I forgot to hang my wetsuit up and it was still wet this morning. I hate it when that happens. Dad used the hair-dryer to make it dry but it was still a bit damp when I put it on. On the way to the beach we checked the weather app and it says the next four days will be stormy. At least it wasn’t raining today. We decided to go to Elouera. The waves were huge out the back. I went out and caught lots of broken waves but the water was like a washing machine. Each time I went to stand up, the water moving out to see would collide with the wave and try and bounce me off my board. I loved surfing today, it was so much fun.

Day 18 - South Cronulla

Thursday 18th Feb
Today was the 18th day of SurFebruary. We checked the surf at two other spots but they were choppy and ugly so we decided to go to South Cronulla. It was choppy but good. When I went in and I was about to catch my first wave, something bit me on my hand. The sea bugs really like me because this is the second time this has happened and now my hand really hurts. I kept going and stood up twice on waves. Today James played Wellerman by Nathan Evans in the car on the way to and from surfing. It's now his second favourite song behind Heat Waves by the Glass Animals.

Day 17 - The Third Rainy Day In A Row

Wednesday 17th Feb
Today it poured as soon as we arrived at the beach. I did not want to sit around in the rain so very quickly I got changed into my wetsuit and onto my board. The rain was freezing but the ocean was warm. I caught a wave for the seventeenth day in a row. There were so many bluebottle jellyfish washed up on the beach this morning. They pop like small balloons if you accidentally tread on one.

Day 16 - Elouera - Big Waves

Tuesday 16th Feb
We arrived at the beach a bit late because Dad had rowing on and we weren't awake when he came back to pick us up. The waves were huge out the back and it was a bit rainy. There weren't too many surfers out in the water but another older girl was paddling out into the big waves in front of me which was very brave. I was only going to catch one wave but I stood up the first time and went back out again to catch another wave. It was lots of fun.

Day 15 - South Cronulla

Monday 15th Feb
Last night I wore my bathers to bed so I didn't have to get changed when Dad woke me up. It was very windy and cold. I slept on my board while James caught some waves. I wanted to keep my wave-a-day streak in tact so I went and caught two waves and stood up on one of them. I was in the water for a total of two minutes. Lucky I had a nice warm bunny jumper to change into as soon as I got out. We are now past half way with SurFebruary. I had a nice hot shower when I got home, I didn't want to get out.

Day 14 - Greenhills Beach

Sunday 14th Feb
I had a sleepover last night at my friends place so I went surfing a bit later in the day like midday. We went to Greenhills beach to try somewhere different for a change. The water was choppy but clear and I stood up on a really long ride. We used a towel folded in half to jump off the sand dunes and the wind caught the towel like a parachute as we jumped off. It was like we were flying. My brother and I did it - he was the one who discovered it.

Day 13 - South Cronulla Another Rainy Saturday

Saturday 13th Feb
We have a busy day today so had to be quick with waking up, hopping in the car and getting down to the beach. It was pouring all the way to the beach when we were driving down. James went out and was the only one surfing until another girl younger than me went went out with her Dad. He was pushing her onto waves and she stood up which made me want to go out too. It was cold but I had my wetsuit on. I caught 4 waves and stood up twice. The rain really wasn't that bad. Now I have gymnastics until 1:00pm and then my birthday party all afternoon. I never really get too tired.

Day 12 - North End Of The Wall

Friday 12th Feb

When we arrived at the beach we saw the sunset (it was the sunrise) 🌅 It was amazing. James went in first (as always.) He caught some good waves and then came in because he got a bit cold. When he came in, we went for a swim. Then I put my leg rope on and Dad took me out on my board. I said I would only catch one wave but I caught like 4 waves. I stood on one of them and got some good photos. The waves were big and breaking a long way from the beach. The whitewater had a lot of power all the way to the beach, which was perfect for me. It meant I could have a fast and long ride on my board. I didn’t get too much sand in my bathers today.

Day 11 - Elouera

Thursday 11th Feb
I had lots of fun surfing at Elouera today but on the last wave I face-planted into the sand and got sand all through my hair and down my bathers. I wanted to go and have a shower but James was out the back and wouldn't catch a wave and come back to shore. He was taking ages. All up I had fun though. Yesterday I received a $50 donation which is amazing. There are people we know who have had cancer so it is nice to be able to help.

Day 10 - North Cronulla - Birthday Boxing Day

Wednesday 10th Feb
Today is my Birthday Boxing Day. The day after my birthday. We went to North Cronulla. The water looked a bit scary and I was warm in my jacket. I would have been happy to just dip my toe in the water but I saw James catching waves on his board so I put on my wetsuit and my Dad swam out with me. I caught two waves but didn't stand up today. 

Day 9 - It's My Birthday

Tuesday 9th Feb
Today Dad woke me up extra early because it is my birthday. I opened some presents and then put on Grandma Ruthie's bathers, well, the ones that she bought me a long time ago, not her actual bathers, that would be hilarious. I didn't want to get sand in my bathers like yesterday but eventually I went in because I need to make it one wave per day. It was really cold, like freezing, so I only caught one teeny weeny wave. We normally go straight home after surfing but because it was my birthday, we had egg and bacon rolls and a hot chocolate.

Day 8 - Start Of Week 2

Monday 8th Feb
Today Dad woke me up to get dressed at 5:30am. Today is Day 8 of SurFebruary, it's the 8th of February and tomorrow I am 8. I think 8 is my new favourite number. We checked out the surf at Elouera but it didn't look very nice so we drove to South Cronulla. When we got there, it was cold at first but I got a bit used to the coldness. James kept trying to trip me over, naughty kid he can be. Sometimes he can be very annoying and sometimes nice but mostly he's nice. The waves were really big and a big current as soon as I got onto my board to paddle out. In no time I had drifted a long way down the beach.

Day 7: Road Trip To The South Coast

Sunday 7th Feb
Today we went to Thirroul. On the way there we stopped off on the side of the road and bought a huge basket of fresh fruit and lots of cherries which James ate them all. It was a long drive but when we finally got there, we had great fun. We took our beach umbrellas and some beach chairs and some sandwiches. I stood up on a huge wave for a long time. I've now done a week of SurFebruary. It started off hard (getting up on the board) but now it's getting easier and I am more confident in the water and on my board. I can go on bigger waves. The traffic was pretty bad on the way home and I had to go to my friend's birthday party.

Day 6 - South Cronulla

Saturday 6th Feb
Today I finally got to sleep-in. But not for too long because I went to gymnastics at 8:30. Once I was finished I went home and got some lunch and then we went to the beach to go surfing. It was a bit cold and there was a strong rip which was hard to paddle against on my board. My brother and I have a team in SurFebruary and at the start we aimed for $500. We reached this amount in the first week which makes me happy and thankful to all my sponsors so far. It is going to a good cause.

Day 5 - Elouera Again

Friday 5th Feb
We made it to day 5. Yesterday I received two donations for SurFebruary. It's always exciting to see my page when a new donation is made. It makes me happy! This morning I was very tired because I had gymnastics for 3.5 hours last night and had to get up early. On the weekend we will surf in the afternoon so I can have a small sleep in. I had more races on the waves with James today and stood up a few times. Dad was happy this morning when we left. He got his new thongs back which were lost yesterday. It was a beautiful morning.

Day 4

Thursday 4th Feb
I woke up at 6am and it wasn't so bad after all. I had lots of fun and didn't want to get out of the water. Dad was mad when we left. The tractor which rakes the beach, scooped up his new Havianas while we were in the water. It's now day 4. It is going well but we have to be quick when we get home, to get ready for school. My hair is always wet and it takes ages to dry with the hair dryer.

Day 3

Wednesday 3rd Feb
This morning I had a great time surfing and swimming. We tried to do a tandem stand-up on James' board which was fun. Only I was able to stand up. The waves were a bit crunchy for both of us to stand. It gets easier after a while surfing. I'm looking forward to the next few days. I just wanna be a great surfer like Bethany Hamilton, she's a great surfer. I also would like to hit my goal of raising $250 for cancer. Three days into February and I am half way there.

A Rainy Day

Tuesday 2nd Feb
I was ready to go surfing at 6am. While we were waiting for James I fell back asleep on the couch downstairs, it was pretty comfortable, I can’t doubt that. Once James was ready, as soon as I stepped foot out the door, it was cold 🥶. Once we arrived at the beach, I didn’t want to go in the water.  I waited and waited and as soon as I felt like going in, I went in. It was raining still, but I got in. I was cold at first but the water was warmer than the air.  I was fine after a few minutes. I caught a few waves then something really started hurting on my leg. I don’t think it was a blue bottle jelly fish. Maybe a sea lice. Once  I got home and it really hurt and my leg was red and there was one bit that looked weird and that was the exact same place of my leg that hurt the most🌊but all up I had a great time🌊😍👍❤️ 

SurFebruary: Day 1

Monday 1st Feb
This morning my Dad woke me up early because I had just remembered it was the first day of SurFebruary. I was very tired but I knew SurFebruary was a great thing to do for cancer. First we went to North Cronulla. I was still waking up while my brother James went out. The waves were big so we walked around to South Cronulla. I caught some good waves. We didn’t stay too long because we had to come home and get ready for school. Here is a photo taken by James ❤️🌊:

North Cronulla - 18/01/2021

Monday 18th Jan
I saw my brother go out but the waves were a bit big for me this morning. I love catching waves and they were a bit smaller in front of the wall at North Cronulla so I caught some white-water there but my board rope gave me a blister on my foot. I am very thankful for my sponsors. It is nice to see them helping me raise money for a great cause.

January 14th 2021

Thursday 14th Jan
Last night I registered for SurFebruary because I go to the beach every time my brother (James) surfs and I never like getting in the water at first but I usually surf once my Dad buys me a hot chocolate. I want to reach my fundraising goal and help with cancer research because I know it's a horrible disease. Today I stood up on a wave.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Grandad Adro

I hope you reach your target Ell - well done!


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Great effort for a great cause. Well done



Let's go Ella. Gotta beat your brother 🏄‍♀️. You're so wonderful helping these unfortunate families. 👏🙏


Wendy Bash

Very proud of your effort in raising money for cancer support - and great surfing! Love Wendy and Ron


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Amazing! Well done and keep up the great work.


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Enjoy the surfing Eloise - we’ll done!!!


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Well done Eloise, a great cause!


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We’re loving seeing your surfing progress!! Amazing work for a great cause. Well done, Ella xo



Great dedication Ella!



I love you Ella.



Go get em Chicken! Good luck with reaching your fundraising goal!


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So good to think of other people Ella, hope you do well in your fund raising.


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Good Luck 😉


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For a good cause Ella well done ❤


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Wow you should be so proud of yourself. What commitment you have shown. Congratulations. Feher family