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Let's wave goodbye to cancer

Hey Flatrock Community!

We need your help!

This February the Flatrock Team will be participating in "SurFebruary" to raise much needed funds for the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. The challenge requires us to surf everyday in the month of Feb (not much of an ask really). Your challenge is to donate money. Every donation big or small is greatly appreciated and will help in the fight against cancer.

Currently, there are more than 300,000 people living with cancer right across Australia but, thanks to the tireless work of the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, many cancer patients can receive the care & treatment they deserve including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and supportive care services.

The good news is:
- Survival rates are increasing;
- More than 100,000 deaths have been averted since 1987; and
- Thanks to better screening the number of women with cervical cancer has halved.

But more funding from the community is needed in order to continue making positive strides forward...

Please donate and let's wave goodbye to cancer.


The Flatrock Team

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Angus Boyd


Patrick Boyd

Onnnnngessssss, Great initiative mate. Legend


Mary Boyd

Excellent idea


Mick Stone


Tom Gibson


Nicholas Knoll


Alex Horsburgh


Louis Russell

Great stuff Gusso!



Onya Gussy


Chris Leffers

Thanks for sending the link through. Great job on surfing every day.


Geoff Boyd

Good luck! Enjoy the fundraising!


Nick Puckett


Jack Wall


Pete Short

Way to go mate.


James Keene




George Farquhar


Michael Poulsen




Frank Arthur


Nick Dent

Nice Gussy. Do a cutback!


Scott Purcell

Radical Dude! Hang Ten!


Tom K

I'll chuck a little more if you get tubed (photo evidence required)




Charlie Rothery

Good luck Gus! Great effort mate




Jeremy Perrott


George Wood


Ben Nilsen

Good on you Gus!