Marty Bowen

Hometown: Bondi Beach

Surfing and Raising Funds for Chris O'Brien Lifehouse

Ok, I realise surfing everyday does not involve a massive shift in lifestyle - BUT - the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse is an excellent organisation that would greatly benefit from your/my support.

Your donations support services and programs for people with cancer.

Anything you can give will go a long way.

Thank you, I really appreciate your support.

~See you out there~

My Updates

Day 28

Monday 1st Mar
Bondi - The final surf!.........of the fundraiser

Day 27

Monday 1st Mar
Garie - A nice road trip morning! good waves too

Day 26

Monday 1st Mar
Bondi - I mean, an absolute scrape this morning. First one in the water, waves could barely carry people!

Day 25

Monday 1st Mar
Bondi - Gorgeous morning, real tired now though

Day 24

Monday 1st Mar
Bondi - Not terrible!

Day 23

Monday 1st Mar
Manly - I've wasted my whole life in Bondi, unreal surf here. Got papped by the local Sprout Daily!

Day 22

Monday 1st Mar
Bondi - Some absolute belters this morning, glorious!

Day 21

Monday 1st Mar
Bondi - Some more corner fun, crowded though!

Day 20

Monday 1st Mar
Bondi - A midday scorcher, fun in the corner!

Day 19

Monday 1st Mar
Bondi - forgot to take a photo down there so here's one from the bus

Day 18

Monday 1st Mar
Bondi - A nice moody one

Day 17

Monday 1st Mar
Bondi - Good ol' slog this morning

Day 16

Monday 1st Mar
Bondi - Ugly morning, good waves!

Day 15

Monday 1st Mar
Bondi - A truly horrific one

Day 14

Sunday 14th Feb
Bondi - Another very messy one, spot of sun though!

Day 13

Sunday 14th Feb
Bondi - Bit of size, pelting rain, somehow crowded

Day 12

Sunday 14th Feb
Bondi - A casual sweaty afternoon surf

Day 11

Sunday 14th Feb
Bondi - A truly unbelievable sunrise

Day 10

Sunday 14th Feb
Bondi - Guest content today produced by Angus Boyd - Fellow surfebruaryer

Day 9

Sunday 14th Feb
Bondi - Messy but fun!

Day 8

Wednesday 10th Feb
Bondi - Bit of a dreary one honestly

Day 7

Sunday 7th Feb
Bondi - Out at midday for a roasting

Day 6

Sunday 7th Feb
Bondi - Another solid corner session

Day 5

Friday 5th Feb
Bondi - Really scraping it in, basically night time

Day 4

Friday 5th Feb
Bondi - Good 'ol sweaty afternoon surf

Day 3

Friday 5th Feb
Bondi - A big cowardly rush before work this morning, but great sunrise!

Day 2

Friday 5th Feb
Bondi - Tough to get excited about today, warm water though!

Day 1

Friday 5th Feb
Bondi - No one in the South corner!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Candalepas Associates


Harriet Ampt

Love you, wish Adam could see you out there every day shredding xxxxx


Alessandro Belgiorno-nettis

Fucking good shout Marty. Thinking of you Susan and Adam every time I get in the water. Lots of love.




Marty Bowen


Jonathan & Margot Coleman

Good on ya Marty - we’re proud to get involved.


Clara & Sophie

Sending all our love at this very sad time xx


Fraser Brown

Such a lovely way to pay tribute to Adam’s memory - the whole Brown clan are sending you and Susan loads of love mate


Mary Boyd



What a wonderful thing you are doing. Sending you all our love & suppport 🤍


Timothy Newman


Geraldine Kelly

Hang ten xoxo


William Challis

On ya Marty.


Isaac Harrisson


Tai Mitsuji



Sorry to hear about your dad mate. My dad also recently diagnosed and has said the obrien lifehouse is amazing. shoutout to surfing every day.


Harriet Hope Streeter


George Goode

Paddle hard x


Lewis Evans


Emma Holloway

Go marty <3


Mattie Mould


Annika Blau



Samson Ossedryver


Brock Sykes


David Hristoforidis

My deepest condolences for your loss. Stay strong legend, fortunate to call you a friend. Dave


Emma Li

awesome thing you're doing :)


Anne Fledderus


Madeleine Lesjak-atton

Yay Marty! Day 2 looked miserable, good on ya xxx


Billy Mcqueenie


Britt Munro

You are a legend <3 Can't believe how long it's been. Sending love from New York x


Oscar Read

Hey Marty. So sorry to hear about your Dad! Good luck with the surfing