Summer Clark

Hometown: Cronulla

My mummy and daddy started this event and now its my turn to get in the water!

Each day in February I’m getting on board for SurFebruary and raising funds for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Your donations support services and programs for people with cancer. They drive innovation in research, improve care, and provide equal access to all our services for everyone.

It only takes a minute and anything you can give (no matter how large or small) will go a long way to helping me reach my target. Thank you, I really appreciate your support.

See you in the water!

Thank you to my Sponsors



Go Summy !!


The Streets (for Summer In Memory Of Our Summer)

Doing amazingly Summer. Wishing we were in Oz to dive with you ❤️


Nik Newland

Keep going summer and have heaps of fun doing it


Anthony Hughes

We are all so proud of you Summer. Congratulations on doing such a wonderful job, especially on those cold days and when there were those pesky blue bottles.


Russell Smith

Well done on completing the challenge. Tell Danny he needs to get out there next!


Sawyer Family

Well done Summer Keep up the good work.


Farrell Family

Well done Summer! Inspirational and a great cause.


Emily Dywan Neill

Good luck!! Xo


Oskie Brien

Hey Sum Sum! Love Oskie x


Good Thanks Media

Summy we are so proud of you! What a huge achievement!! Love you, Bozzy, Bunny & Kitty xx


Kristine Clark

Congratulations Summer on completing Surfebruary !! We are all so proud of what you have done to help others in need by raising the funds for cancer research. We loved watching all your videos and photos. Love Aunty Krissy, Uncle Wayne, Jade, Mitch and all the animals on the farm xoxo


Uncle Clarky, Aunty Liss And Jamie

Hi Summer🐬 Wow, you are going so well with your surfing🧜‍♀️ We’ve seen all of your photos and you are so clever! You are amazing and we love you 💕 Love Uncle Clarky, Aunty Liss and Jamie xxxooo


Aunty Puss Puss

I’m sooooooooooo proud of you Sum !! My brave little mermaid !! So glad you are there by mummies side ! I love you . Love Aunty Puss puss


Jonathan Kruse

Amazing work Summer! Keep it up! Be proud!


David Trembath

Well done to you, and the whole family, on an amazing fundraising effort!


Bobby, Ez, Sonny & Zane Kent

We love you Sum Sum 💓


Ury Zhang



You go girl!!! You’ve done amazing and I’ve loved following the posts of you smashing it on mum and dads feed. 🤙🏼 Love Poury xx



You guys are amazing!! But Summer!!! Wow, congrats hunni. Wish I could do more! X


Rebecca Bates

Go SumSum!! You’re a brave girl with a big heart.... just like your mums. You rock! We all think you’re awesome


Chris Carlile


Xenia Novosilska

Hi Summer, You have a great mother and you both are doing great things. We will join you on the beach with Milena <3 <3


Hannah & Eli

Woohoo Summer! We’re proud of you!


Maree Clark

You have been amazing catching the surf every day in February, Summer. So proud of you.


Fairy Garden

congratulations summer on your efforts to support such important work


Linda Newland

Thank you Summer xx


Lesley Irvine And Boys

We love following along your daily ocean swimming journey Summer. We hope to join you for a swim if you visit Newcastle this month?!


Lillian Lyon Marriage Celebrant

Go Summer you little beauty!


Darren Bethell

Well done Summer. You're an inspiration to us all. Little legend!


Benny, Megs & Buddy

Sum Sum you little legend! You’re an inspiration to all of us. Have loved watching you catch some waves throughout Surfeb! You should be very proud! Love Benny, Megs and Buddy


Lisa Chaffey

I missed a day!! So as you’re acing it I thought I’d donate to you Sum!!


The Stafford Family

What a trooper! Such a great example to everyone.


Harvey Hawkins

Dear Summer You are really brave and kind. Love Harvey


Kat Thomas

Well done Summer what an amazing feat! Your Uncle Danny showed us what you are doing and we think it’s fantastic.


Samantha Sedman

Go girl!


Janene Rox

I’ll look out for you in water , what a great fundraiser


Lyndsey Beattie

Great work Summer!


Big Summer And Aubree

Go Summer! We are so proud of you. Love Aubree and Big Summer


Matty & Clare

Congratulations on such dedication Summer!!! It has been so inspiring watching your Surfebruary journey. So proud!!!


Louis, Elkie & Cleo

To our mate Summy- so inspired by you little legend! $5 from each of the Tappo kids