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Nothing quite beats the feeling of plunging your head under the ocean waves, breathing in the salt air and feeling part of the big blue.

After firsthand experience with cancer, Jenna-Lea and Arron Clark, along with Mike Durante and Krista Huebner decided to harness the power of this natural phenomenon for the good of others by launching SurFebruary in 2018.

Living with a cancer diagnosis brings many challenges, not just the physical. It is well established that exercise, sunlight and being by the sea can improve mood and relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, helping to improve mental wellbeing. That’s why SurFebruary and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse are natural partners.

Catch a wave each day (or just take a plunge in the ocean) in February, feel fitter and healthier and all the while raise vital funds for Chris O'Brien Lifehouse. Your donations will support innovative cancer research into supportive care and integrative oncology which can help relieve distressing and debilitating side effects of treatment and restore quality of life for those living with cancer.

Do good, feel good and get onboard for 2021!